BFHK Challenge

We all have some bad food addictions. You know those foods you really feel like you can’t live without. You have (((foodgasms))) just thinking about what joy and elation these foods give you when they barely touch your lips…

See, I was TRULY addicted to fruit snacks. In the beginning, it started off as a certain brand and about two pouches per day. Then it came to the point that I started eating BOXES of those pouches by the hour! I have grocery store receipts that prove I’ve spent more on fruit snacks on some trips than other nutritious food and then started liking  just any ol brand of them! It came to the point that my teeth ached and my stomach hurt so much so that I’d have to drink tea and put a hot compress on it! This is pure ridiculousness!!! I was in love with people who brought me fruit snacks! One day, I put back $25 worth of food to buy FRUIT SNACKS! I became a fruit snack fiend and these fruit snacks owned my life!

Born was the Bad Food Habit Kick, introduced to the Twitterverse by @IamRah! Nearly 30 of us decided that we would take on this 21-day challenge to kick whatever bad food habits we had!…We all know what I selected…FRUIT SNACKS! We exchanged tips and funny withdrawal stories on Twitter and tracked our progress. From Sunday, August 17 to Friday, August 5 we all partook in the Bad Food Habit Kick (#BFHK), which began with angry stories of withdrawal and ended with triumph!

I’m Najla T! and I’m proud to say that I am no longer addicted to fruit snacks!


Matt Huiatt (@rzanumba1)

                 My #BFHK = FAST FOOD
21 days without fast food. I have no idea how I lived without those
delicious artery clogging double cheeseburgers but I did. When
McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendys are a part of your regular diet,
it's somewhat difficult to abandon them and switch over to healthy
foods like fish, salads, fruits, and other things of that nature. I
survived though. The biggest challenge I had was when friends would
come over with McDonalds and throw me a cheeseburger. They always got
mad because they paid for it and I didn't want it. Oh well.

After the challenge was over, I figured I would try some Burger King
to see if I even liked the taste of it anymore. I didn't. The Whopper
Jr tasted like trash and made me feel like I had a boulder in my
stomach. Its safe to say that Ill be eating FAR less fast food than I
used to. Ill probably only eat that junk when I'm driving long
distances and dont have time for a legit meal.So in the end I learned
that with a little motivation I can put a stop to almost any of my bad
habits. If another challenge like this comes around, I'll definitely
be willing to do it again.

"LT"  (@md20737)

My #BFHK = No Lactose 

My reason for participating in kicking a bad food habit was simple, once you know better you have to do better. I am allergic to cheese and have to take a Lactaid pill to avoid painful and unwanted reactions from cheese. That should have the primary reason I didnt eat cheese, but silly me found a work around in Lactaid. While the Lactaid prevented painful moments, I still felt full and stuck after I ate the cheese. It was almost like my digestive system took a break for a few hours. But Ive known forever that I need to kick the cheese habit, because it makes no sense to eat something that could cause you severe pain. And since I know better, I have to do better. It just took some support from a few online friends, and a goal to get me started on kicking my habit.Cheese has always had a hold on me. If I could eat pizza everyday I would, and if I couldn’t eat pizza I would choose mac & cheese or something with alfredo sauce on it. Just the smell of it had me ready to order a pizza. I then learned that sometimes the cows liver can produce opium that gets into the cheese made from the cow. It finally clicked that I was addicted to cheese when I went to the grocery store to shop for non cheese items and learned that’s all I bought was stuff made with cheese. My motto was “Cheddar is beddar” LOL. Yes I had a motto for cheese, it was that bad. After the first week I felt like a straight cheese fiend. I was thinking about it, counting down the days til I could go back to it. After the second week I didn’t think about it much, and had no problem staying away. After the third week not eating cheese became like a habit to me, something I didn’t have to think about. And something that didn’t have a hold over me. And my body just worked a lot better without adding cheese into my diet. My body didn’t have endure a product that it couldn’t break down. I feel a lot better and don’t even want it anymore. Its been about a month since I have not had any cheese. I smelled some pizza today and thought it smelled good, but not I have to have it. Cheese is a past favorite food. I wont say ill never eat it again, because you can never say never. I had someone sneak some cheese in a dish one time and didnt tell me, but luckily I had my Lactaid in my purse or I was gonna drive right to the hospital and wait there until I had my attack LOL. I would definitely do another challenge. Its great to have support from others who are going through the same types of things you are. Demetria K
Demetria K (@EverbodyH8sDee) 

                                                                                                                                      My #BFHK = No Sugar

Last month I had a chance to participate in a challenge called the Bad Food Habit Kick or BFHK for short. I heard about the challenge from a follower on Twitter. Going in I was optimistic because my support system from this relied heavily on Twitter and people I didn’t know in real life. All my doubts changed after a few days. The tips we received were very helpfulI learned a lot from the challenge. What I learned the most is that I do have the will power to stay away from the sugary foods. I can control my cravings. During the course of the challenge my skin cleared up tremendously ,I had much more energy, & I don’t get the headaches or toothaches anymore. Overall I enjoyed the challenge & appreciate whomever came up with the idea.

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