#Hairflip Jay-Z

I’m athletic, but I’m not a sportsy chick. I used to be a cheerleader for football and basketball teams, but never knew why I was doing the cheers. Defense was just a cheer and the rest of the technical jargon I just faked like I knew.

Anyway, we all found out today that my home state of New Jersey’s basketball team, the New Jersey Nets, will move to Brooklyn next year and be renamed the Brooklyn Nets. *blank stare*

I know that Jay-Z is part-owner of the Nets and it probably wasn’t totally his idea, but errrr ummmm, since he announced it, I’m just gonna be mad at the messenger!

#Hairflip Jay-Z 

Now, WE don’t have a basketball team and “Brooklyn Nets” just sounds dumb! It doesn’t roll off the tongue effortlessly like the New Jersey Nets does! New York is being greedy! They already have the legendary Knicks! Why couldn’t Brooklyn just get their own team? How are the Knicks going to be called the New York Knicks and then there’s a “Brooklyn Nets?” Should there be a Manhattan Hatters? Queens Swish, or Staten Island Ferries? Granted, the Harlem Globetrotters exist, but that’s a different story! They don’t play in the NBA games, and they have their own tours and basketball spinning tournaments.

My problem is that the team was renamed and made it a totally different brand! You didn’t see the Washington Redskins rename their team to the Landover Redskins! Yall hoodwinked us and just said our team’s new stadium will be in Brooklyn and we were cool with that. But this is just not fair! This was just wrong Jiggaman! And it’s going to take time for the pain to heal.

*Popeyes lady voice* How we ont got no team now?! Chiiiiiiiiile I could throw some of my sweeeeeeeeet cane iced tea on somebody!

#Hairflip Jay-Z and the people behind jacking Jersey for our team. Don’t come to Jersey and get hurt by this #hairflip!

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2 Comments on “#Hairflip Jay-Z”

  1. Oct 31 at 9:39 pm #

    Well at least the NJ Nets Jersey might be collectors items since they will no longer be in market. Ya digg?

  2. Oct 31 at 9:39 pm #

    Well at least the NJ Nets Jersey might be collectors items since they will no longer be in market. Ya digg?

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