Foods Thugs Can’t Eat

In the [Naj NOW] segment of the first episode of the show, I explained how #FoodsThugsCantEat came to mind. I knew I wasn’t alone in this, so I took to Twitter and for over an hour, my replies were filled with #FoodsThugsCantEat in public. I’m all about living healthy from the inside out to live NOW & Beyond and all, but these thugs signed up for Thug Life, so hey! :-) Below are contributions from Tweeters.

Here’s a video from the show of #FoodsThugsCantEat! Watch some of the suggestions from Tweeters below happen in real life! 


@redheadpg: Twizzlers

@IamRah: Gummy Bears, Tater Tots, Biscotti

@firefire100: crow    (who is even non-thuggish that eats crow? LOL)

@MzWordsmith: Animal crackers

@Nukirk: Chai Tea, raw baby carrots     (is cooked better? LOL)

@mrsadc: Bananas

@Krissy90220: hot dogs… especially hot links

@SeluEarth: Creme brulee, Petit fours

@DitiSays: popsicles

@JezzaBella: Marshmallows, Quiche

@SkipBaitless: Yogurt

@2Movels2Live: Veal

@DariusUncensord: Olive tappenade     (who even eats this? LOL)

@IamRah: Sorbet, Shrimp cocktail

@DariusUncensord: Lox and bagels, foie gras

@Krissy90220: Skittles

@Danchrism: Cupcakes

@_DangerMouse: Lollipops

@Vegasseven: Plain omelette     (I guess toppings are OK)

@remusbricejr: Jolly Rancher candy

@VicVanGogh: Crepes

@Mo_Rease: Candy corn

@thrillchasa: Candy Canes

@TakeF_Light: A shish kabob

@FreakkinAmazing: Low-fat yogurt

@HeStoleMyMuffin: tofu

@SeluEarth: @HeStoleMyMuffin I know some g’s that eat tofu though…

@GameTheorem: Ring pops

@Six8thaGreat: Ice cream cone

@Nukirk: any French food. They can’t be hard saying “croissant”

@PHIeldTwigga: bagels

@GGChanel: Tapioca

@cpat10: waldorf salad

@Beedeesel: A Cinnamon Bun, crepes, peach flavored iced tea     (I guess raspberry is OK? LOL)

Welp thugs, looks like you got it bad! I don’t know what you CAN eat, but according to the above things, it doesn’t look like much. It makes one think twice about Thug Life huh?

Be sure to check out the first episode of …::: the NOW! :::… where you can see some of my contributions to #FoodsThugsCantEat!

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