A Year & Counting!

Last year, I premiered the preview episode of the show and since then, I have met so many talented, driven, funny, helpful, successful, and supportive people that I probably would have never met had I not started the show. I thought it would be more than fitting to share some things with you all since the show will be going in a different direction and I am in a different space than I was in the beginning.

When I first had the idea to start the show, I knew I wanted to host  show that would be fun, but also helpful and that would get people thinking. I knew what segments I wanted to have and how I would go about airing the show. This was going to be a little interneTV (I make up words OK?!) show that would showcase my skills as a host, but indadvertedly show that I can produce and edit. I wanted to grow within my craft, but also give a live resume to prospective employers.

One of the main reasons I created the show was because I wasn’t getting the career positions I set out to land. I didn’t want a JOB, I wanted a career that I could apply that expensive degree I received. Now, I’m not being snobby, but I am very ambitious and driven, so I don’t take too kindly to “no.” I was not going to let my Broadcast Journalism degree, along with my passion for interviewing and storytelling fall by the wayside because of Sallie Mae, people who think small, and employers who generically replied that my “impressive resume and experience” didn’t “quite fit” their “needs.”

That was the part of my NOW backstory that I always left out. Who wants to explain being rejected? Until now, I wasn’t willing to disclose that information. It was once embarrassing, but I now realize what wonderful opportunities I’ve been afforded due to these rejections. Prior to the show, all I had were some clips of me hosting the lineup on D.C.’s Public Access Channel and some stand-ups from my news packages from college. My demo reel didn’t really showcase my capabilities and versatility. Now that I’ve done red carpet correspondence, event coverage, one-on-one interviews, and cooking demonstrations, I have a professional demo reel that I am confident in and proud of!

Most importantly, I met some wonderfully gifted people that I had a great time with! My interactions with them has really helped me grow tremendously this past year and hopefully it will reflect on the show. I’ve received so much encouragement, support, and gained many friendships because of this little idea I had. I’ll push harder in this new season, explore more real-world issues, and moderate some interesting discussions now that we’ve become acquainted! This first year was just the beginning! I’ve made mistakes, learned more about the business, gained lots more experience, took chances, put myself out there, and everything else people learn from in the beginning of anything.

Thank you all for watching, sharing, commenting, responding, sending in pictures of #HandOnHips, sending in pictures of your version of the dishes I demonstrate, referring others, and being inspired to live in the moment. I only hope to spread …::: the NOW! :::… and the idea that living, I mean really living in and appreciating every moment, is living at its best!

-Najla T!

What are your favorite moments on the show? What are some things you learned from the show? Share your thoughts about our anniversary below! 

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3 Comments on “A Year & Counting!”

  1. CharmingJerk
    Sep 13 at 8:29 pm #

    My favorite moment was when y’all had the footage of the dubstep awards. The one guy who was dancing very awkward (I’m pretty sure he was probably coked up or off a Molly or 12. Anyway, I liked the variety of guests that you interviewed. It wasn’t your typical show and any viewer could notice that you loved what you were doing. A beautiful personality, smile, bubbly persona, and highly-educated. The show is definitely a breath of fresh air. Thanks for all you put into your work and for creating something that exposed us to different topics, people, places, and themes. I wish you a lifetime of success.

    - Khalil (@CharmingJerk)

  2. Jedi Nemesis
    Sep 13 at 10:42 pm #

    Keep up the good work! Don’t walk on anymore tree logs though!

  3. bluesodacake
    Oct 17 at 11:54 pm #

    Congrats on your one year anniversary. That’s a big deal.My favorite part of the show may seem weird but its the opening credits and song. Seems like you are having fun and makes me want to watch and see what you are about. My favorite episode is the show with chef Nilka and the episode where you make Soba noodles. Keep up the good work.

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