About …::: the NOW! :::…

…::: the NOW! :::… is an interneTV show hosted by Najla T! and featured on www.theNOW-online.com. The show has interchangeable segments showcasing news, talent, businesses, services, healthy living, events, and special host moments and episodes are released every two weeks. The website features the interneTV show, in addition to news articles, recipes, and more. The :: NOW Nexus :: is a key component of the website, a directory of businesses, websites, blogs, talent, and brands for positive networking advancement. *Check out the ABOUT video below!*

It’s more than just a show! It’s a movement!

…::: Our Mission :::… 

To uplift and highlight the community by providing positive and responsible edutainment, while promoting up-and-coming talent and established businesses, and brands.

…::: Vision NOW :::…

The vision for the NOW! is to create a culture of professional people working individually-collectively by providing opportunities for networking.

The NOW Nexus (directory) currently provides a forum for businesses, blogs, websites, talent, and brands to network with other businesses, blogs, websites, talent, and brands. The NOW Nexus will grow and eventually become the NOW vision: the NOW Collaborative Movement.

Our core team of people will cross-promote, build, and maintain professional relationships to collectively gain success, while maintaining loyalty to our individual brands and missions. Our ultimate goal is to expand the [NOW Collaborative Movement] into an international movement.

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