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Najla T! moments & idioms #hairflip


A Year & Counting!

Last year, I premiered the preview episode of the show and since then, I have met so many talented, driven, funny, helpful, successful, and supportive people that I probably would have never met had I not started the show. I thought it would be more than fitting to share some things with you all since […]

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Najla T! TV Host & Correspondent Demo Reel

Check out her demo reel below! From one-on-one interviews, to red carpet premiere parties, to cooking and fitness demonstrations, Najla T! has it covered! She is a hard-working television host and red carpet/event correspondent who also produces and edits! …and don’t forget the exclamation mark for her personality! It’s Najla T! She hosts talents shows, […]

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Najla T! ::: Host *Producer *Editor

She doesn’t just host …::: the NOW! :::… she also produces and edits the now! This website is also managed by her, proving her 1WomanBand Productions to be true! Check out some of her work and get her to your event! Najla T! has hosted boxing events, fashion shows, pageants, and red carpets! Check her […]

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Timeouts aren’t so bad, as Najla T! dishes a little of a weekly roundup in this new 5-min segment featuring the latest and craziest, random news! If you enjoy the ::: Naj NOW ::: segment on …::: the NOW! :::… you’ll definitely enjoy this quick, audio-only bit! Check it out below!

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Foods Thugs Can’t Eat

In the [Naj NOW] segment of the first episode of the show, I explained how #FoodsThugsCantEat came to mind. I knew I wasn’t alone in this, so I took to Twitter and for over an hour, my replies were filled with #FoodsThugsCantEat in public. I’m all about living healthy from the inside out to live […]

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#Hairflip Jay-Z

I’m athletic, but I’m not a sportsy chick. I used to be a cheerleader for football and basketball teams, but never knew why I was doing the cheers. Defense was just a cheer and the rest of the technical jargon I just faked like I knew. Anyway, we all found out today that my home […]

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Trend Alert: Vajazzle!

I heard about vajazzling a long time ago, but I’ve always had reservations about it because I never quite grasped the purpose. *Random person yells* Naj what the hell is a vajazzle? Oh I should explain what it is before I go on about it right? LOL Vajazzling: The act of applying glitter and jewels to […]

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Hand on Hip

I realized while prepping to take a picture one day and after looking at pictures from my past that my hand has always creeped up on my hip! I never know I’m doing it and I’ve tried NOT to do it, but it happens! After posting the preview episode of the show, other #HandonHippers embraced […]

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BFHK Challenge

We all have some bad food addictions. You know those foods you really feel like you can’t live without. You have (((foodgasms))) just thinking about what joy and elation these foods give you when they barely touch your lips… See, I was TRULY addicted to fruit snacks. In the beginning, it started off as a […]

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