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Featured talent, along with their beforeNOW (background) and their afterNOW (future plans, upcoming concerts and albums) who decided to showcase themselves NOW or Never. Check out their talent and rate them!


2012 Dubstep Music Awards VIP Access

 Watch what Dubsef says about east coast dubstep and what DJ Suga Shay says about women in dubstep! Dubsef, DJ Suga Shay, and DJ Shiftee aren’t the only ones who spoke with Najla T! of …::: the NOW! :::… We go backstage at the 2012 Dubstep Music Awards, then catch performances from Zeds Dead, EOTO, […]

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Trina Braxton "Party or Go Home"

Trina Braxton’s Debut Single

“Party or Go Home” is the debut single off Trina Braxton’s (“Braxton Family Values,” We TV) upcoming solo project. Although the buzz has been about Tamar’s solo debut since confirmation and promotion of Tamar and Vince’s spinoff reality show, Trina slid into the home plate! We’ve been anticipating Trina’s debut since she told us on […]

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Driicky Graham

Episode 7 Sneak Peek

We’ve been releasing features while on hiatus with our episodes, so we thought it best to release some pictures from Episode 7! You’ve heard “Snapbacks and Tattoos” on your airwaves so Najla T! sits with the man behind the hit song, Driicky Graham. If you’ve been on the club scene, you’ve probably heard “Flash the Cash,” […]

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NOW Feature :: Brad Baker

Check out the video feature below!  Voted “Sexiest Man in Philly,” Brad Baker tells …::: the NOW! :::… about his domination of the Philadelphia Black Theater scene and his new position in theater: playwright. Did he throw shade at current producers? You’ll have to check out this feature to see what he says about the […]

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NOW Feature :: Pate

Najla T! heads to Philly to chat with Space High Production’s headliner, Pate! They discuss the state of rap and lyricism, the well-known Philly spot “The Pit,” and upcoming projects. Then Pate helps Najla T! learn Philly slang. Check out the special feature and vote in the poll below! *********************************************************************** Tweet Pate: @SpaceHighPate Visit his […]

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Naj Dancin

Najla T! Dancin

Check out the bonus clip below! Frost from PA UndaWorld teaches our host, Najla T!, some of his special moves. 

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EricBenet BW

NOW Showcase: Eric Benet

You’ve seen him perform his new single, “Real Love” on Episode 5 of …::: the NOW! :::… and you’ll witness him ACTUALLY blow out the speakers! Eric Benet performs some of his biggest hits, “Chocolate Legs,” “You’re the Only One,” “Sometimes I Cry,” and “Georgy Porgy” in this NOW Showcase. Enjoy! Here’s a sneak peak […]

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Braxtons Q&A

Q & A Session with The Braxtons

Watch the video below! Was Tamar FORCED to sign with her husband, Vince? Does Trina have more than one husband? Is Traci’s husband taking care of her family in Maryland while she opens her new hair salon? Towanda puts a rumor about Toni to rest! Mama Evelyn shares a beauty secret! The ladies of the […]

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NOW or Never: Peter Hadar

[NOW or Never] featured artists and talent have made a life decision: to showcase their talent NOW and Never  wasn’t an option for Alternative R&B artist Peter Hadar. He tells us his BeforeNOW, NOW, and AfterNOW on Episode 3 of …::: the NOW! :::… and blows away the crowd with his “Cool Weirdo” at a performance in NY in […]

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Trini Beats

People are really enjoying the theme song for …::: the NOW! :::… and the other instrumentals featured on the show! Trini Beats is the man behind the catchy and quirky theme song that has people requesting their own customized beats. As the lead music producer of …::: the NOW! :::… he is allowed the opportunity […]

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