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“Promercial” FORM

Want to promote your brand on …::: the NOW! :::… ? You must send an email with the following information along with your promercial to

It’s just that easy! 



Brand Name (Blog, Website, Music Page, Show, etc.):

Website address:

Twitter/ Facebook information:

Your promercial video will be featured on the show and clickable link(s) and picture(s) provided will be posted on Below are the instructions for getting your promercial on the show!

 1. Make a video (minimum 30 seconds, maximum 1:00) 

a. Describe your talent (Blog, Website, Music Page, Show, etc.)

b. Put your personality and your talent in it to promote it! 

c. You must conclude the video with the name of your talent, then say

 “… and (I’m/ We’re) always tuned into the NOW!”

ex.- “I’m Najla T! from and I’m always tuned into theNOW!”

  OR say “Make sure you’re always tuned into the NOW!”

ex. - “I’m Najla T! from…Make sure you’re tuned into the NOW!”

2. Attach your completed video file in .mov file form.

You can also send it using a large file format like

 3. Send your completed form, video, and pictures to 

 You have complete creative control of your Promercial. This is a promotional video to promote your brand! You decide whether you’d like to be featured in it, or others so long as the video concludes with the script in 1c. You will be notified upon receipt and approval.  

Submitting this form and attached video gives …::: the NOW! :::… permission to use your promercial and information given for positive promotional use only.

Check out this Promercial example from A. Jarrell Hayes: 

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